7BITSOFT is a deep-tech software consulting company specializing in Web development, Mobile applications and Optimization.

Idea of 7BITSOFT

In computers, information is stored and processed in the form of bits, so in theory a bit is the smallest unit that carries or transmits information. All eight bits (taken together) are called a byte. At 7BITS, we try to be the missing bit that makes the difference to your product in order to get the highest quality possible.

about 7bitsoft

Company profile

Our Vision:

Leading creative technical and programming work

Our message:

7BITS Software Company was established in UK in 2020 to be supportive in developing software systems according to the latest technology in this field. The company aims to develop pioneering software ideas and projects in addition to providing software solutions and applications to its customers in the fields of websites and smart phone applications with high accuracy and efficiency.

What defines us:

The customer is always right.
Lifelong technical and technical support service
Always evolving environment.

How we work

Each product is unique in terms of the concept, technology and software used.

Therefore, we believe there is no one size fits all custom solutions. Whether your solution is in the form of a website, e-commerce, mobile application, web application, or cloud service, 7BITS implements solutions and products based on prior business models and in constant improvement in terms of quality and performance.

Proof of Concept

Investigate and validate your business problem.


Define the requirements & specs of the Minimal Viable Product.

Full Product Development

From designing stage to final product, based on smart technologies.


Final product with full support

Our Services

7BITS offers a wide range of services based on our areas of expertise in programming, design, e-commerce ...

Mobile app development

Mobile app development

We follow the latest technologies and adopt advanced design patterns to create high-quality (mobile) mobile applications with long-term scalability.

Web Development, Backend Systems

Web Development, Backend Systems

We build websites, web applications, and scalable and responsive software with high performance.

Ecommerce Solutions

Ecommerce Solutions

We provide integrated packages of e-commerce solutions that include e-commerce website design and development services. Simply you can create a professional online store compatible with search engine standards to continuously increase the volume of sales and profits of your business.

Data and Analytics

Data and Analytics

We use all available tools to obtain data and analytics to obtain leads, competitors data.

Improve performance

Improve performance

Improve the performance and quality of software projects, websites, and applications to get high efficiency for your product.

Hosting and Servers

We make getting started with servers/cloud services easy and scaling together to fit your business and product using an easy-to-use control panel and predictable prices with comprehensive and fast technical support.



Chatbot services (Facebook, Telegram, Whatsapp, ...) in terms of customer service, marketing and building your brand better.

Our Projects

What we did

Radio and News

Arabic Dictionaries

ısıtma ve soğutma

Estate Agent

eCommerce online store

eCommerce online store

eCommerce online store

Import and Export website